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Jamie Lynn, an African American beauty professional has spent several years extensively researching the art of flawless and well-hydrated skin. Jamie Lynn’s love of natural products, nutrition, travels, and self-healing has led her on a worldwide search for the best in modern skin care. As a global citizen, Jamie Lynn has been to over 20 countries studying the diversity of its people and their skin care regimen. Using newfound techniques and good old-fashioned organic products, Jamie Lynn has mastered a formulation to bring out the natural glow to skin that is often neglected.

As the co-developer of Jamie Lynn Signature (JLS) anti aging skin care line, Jamie Lynn Blair emphasizes the importance of inner and outer beauty. JLS shares a mission to inspire beauty, wellness with innovative and effective products. Maintaining a persistent, yet simple process to radiant skin requires discipline and the right products. JLS has an array of products from cleansing and hydrating to balancing and toning. The products have shown profound effect on women whose skin was once dull and lifeless, now illuminating and brilliant. If we have the power to reverse the effects of aging what might be possible with health.

Jamie Lynn Blair, a St. Louis, Missouri native studied at Maryville University. In 2005, she became a real estate agent with a passion to help people improve their self esteem. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia and loves to spend time encouraging people with positive advice and great workout tips all to correct health and skin disorders with her co-developer, Erica Carey. In her free time, she loves to perform and write music.


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