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Modifying Reactivating Body Wash

    Modifying Reactivating Body Wash


      The rich yet lightweight Modifying Reactivating  Body Wash slimming bath & shower gel gently cleanses the skin in neutralizing the drying effect of hard water. The tonifying and desinfiltering properties of algae , Fucus serratus , contribute to firming the skin and reshaping the contour. It is a perfect partner to any contouring treatment , preparing the skin for a better penetration of skin care products.

      Ivy is a many faceted ingredient. It is made up of polyphenolic compounds including flavonoids, caffeic and chlorogenic acids and the active ingredients triterpenic saponins. Ivy has excellent anti-cellulite properties. It is an anti-inflammatory and is endowed with tensioactive and decongestive properties.

      Meadowsweet extract (Spiraea ulmaria) derived from an herb, contains beta hydroxy acids. It smoothes and softens skin and has desinfiltering properties.



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